Thursday, February 11, 2010


Kudos to the DC government in doing their very best to get the snow removed from the main arteries and side streets. It was, for days, almost a losing battle. And then more snow came, and the crews were still at it. They are working around the clock, and we owe them thanks.

But the snow has more far reaching effects. Business at our shops is almost at a standstill (except for Billy Martin's Tavern, which by all accounts has been doing booming business). But the small shops that can least afford a setback are losing much needed dollars thanks to the closing of their shops. Yet, we're sure the landlords still want their monthly checks. Something should be done to help the small businesses.

We think the city government, which oversees the Business Improvement Districts throughout the city, should lean on the various BIDs to chip in and help. Perhaps forgoe the January BID tax altogether. Wouldn't that be a great gesture on everybody's part. And we also feel the landlords themselves should perhaps lower the February rent by one week's percentage, since most of the shops have been closed through one weekend and several other shopping days.

The City Government itself should declare a tax free week starting on Fat Tuesday to help the shopowners.

It is time for a little relief. From the weatherman, and the MAN.

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