Wednesday, October 21, 2009

G.U. campus notes: Shot Fired; Asst. Not Yet Hired

Georgetown University News the P.R. Dept. Rather You Not Tweat: 


Georgetown student plays with a Park Police pistol; Hoya sophomore wants a Jeeves or Aunt Jemima

Shot Fired in Gym

== The Hilltop campus was buzzing about the kid who allegedly stole a woman's gun during the G.U. basketball program's "Midnight Madness" at McDonough Gymnasium. He fired it in the bathroom; she is a U.S. Park Police officer. Yes, the college student was arrested, and that service pistol is back in the hands of the U.S. Park Police.

See the story in the Washington Post, which also reported -- within the same 24 hours -- on a youth wounded near the Georgia Avenue Safeway and on a man shot and killed in Southeast D.C.

Click here for the Washington Post story.

 Job Listing Irks Hoyas

== This is really not helpful for Georgetown University's image. Its students are not self-absorbed, self-entitled, pampered little princes and princesses.  One student posted an ad on the campus job board, seeking a personal assistant to do wash, make the bed, etc. Hours short; pay, kind of lame. Other students are not liking it, as reported in the campus newspaper, The Georgetown Voice. Blog replies are flying about this one. Click here for the Voice blog.

[We recommend that Charlie Cooper hire Ryan McLendon, the student at New York University, who recently applied for food stamps. As one blogger wrote at the Georgetown Voice site, such a hiring could be a good thing: A "Driving Miss Daisy" epithany might occur.]

Click here for the New York Times piece on the poor NYU student.

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